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      Technical Service of Guangzhou Gold Kings Building Material Co., Ltd (GKS)

      Perfect product solutions stem from a thorough detailed design and cannot be separated from professional technical support. A comprehensive technical service provided by GKS to customers is also the core competitiveness of the GKS brand of GKS. GKS tries every effort to provide customers with high-quality products & services and the best service experience.

      Technical Service Process of GKS
      (一)Detailed design ——Upgrade and complete design schemes according to customers’ requirements so to achieve the best structure and the optimal effect.

      GKS has professional R&D and design teams which are able to provide owners and designers with product design schemes and relevant technical consultation services in professional fields, aiming to offer customers the best product solutions.

      Design Process:
      (二)Technical Support ——Provide customers with complete and professionalized technical guidance on field installation.

      GKS has several engineering management centers and consultant teams nationwide to provide careful and perfect technical guidance for construction units and provide excellent and efficient engineering technical support for engineering projects in various areas. If there is a need, our technicians will rush to the spot as soon as possible to solve the problem.

      Technical Support Process: