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      Golden group look forward to your joining

      Please send your resume to:jobs@jingba.com

      Welcome to join us!

      As a reputable brand supplier in the industry, we attribute most of the success to the dedication of our employees. If you are a person who dares to explore and innovate and is full of energy, you are just the talent we are hunting for. In its fast-growing stage, our company has launched the shareholding reform and IPO process. We encourage the growth of every employee. As long as you are capable, you will find your place in GKS.

      Position list
      • Job title
        Job type
        Work place
        Release time
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      • 2018-05-07

        Work place:

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      • Technician
        Project Dept. of South China
        Project Location

        Work place:Project Location

        Job Responsibilities: 

        1,Responsible for technical communication with customers on behalf of the company, determine the user's needs and solve the technical problems raised by users.
        2, Responsible for providing customers with the application solutions of the company's products.
        3, Responsible for application planning of the company’s products required by customers. 
        4, Responsible for new product development.
        5, Responsible for collecting customer feedback, processing and reporting in time, and proposing product performance improvement requirements.
        6, Responsible for customer pre-sales consulting and sales and after-sale technical services and tracking.
        7,Other Matters related to design engineer.

        Recruitment requirements

        1, Good English, familiar with different kinds of design software and office Office software, including CAD, Rhinoceros, Soildwork and so on.
        2, Experience in sheetmetal design, familiar with metal facade, ceiling structure design, product design and processing technology, have some experience in decoration design.
        3, Good organization management and coordination ability.
        4,Familiar with domestic and foreign related decorative materials and products market.
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